Expression to filter rows with blank cell/no date


I have a date column where some rows ahve a blank cell. This is so the app shows dd/mm/yyyy rather than “30/12/1899”

I have an expression to slice the data and filter out the rows with no date set but I can’t establish how to defien which ones have no date.

I have tried expressions below but nothing seems to work. How does appsheet view a date cell with nothing in it?

If i fill each cell with “0” and exclude them that way then I get the 30/12/1899 come up wich my sales team find distracting.

NOT([Next Call]=" ")

[Next Call]>TODAY()-1000)



Is an actual blank cell?

isnotblank([DateCell]) will filter out blank cells.

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For reference:

Thank you, that worked. Also had a problem with LOOKUP() so used ANY(SELECT and all good