Expression to into email attachment template

(Bachir Yazbek) #1

Hi everyone
did anybody find a turn around that let the user choose from a drop down list the email attachment template report name with using 1 workflow in the backend

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

So… you would like to choose the template from a dropdown when triggering the Workflow?

(Bachir Yazbek) #3

HI Aleksi,
Yes exact, but our client want to create his own report on google drive and at it to the dropdown list.
we do not need him to access the development console and add new workflow.
Is that feasible!

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

I’m afraid that’s not possible. You need to do that manually.

(Bachir Yazbek) #5

Ok fine thanks
Do you think that it will be a features that can be added later on, that let us choose expression into email attachement template field like other field such cc_to , bcc_to and other fields

(Philip Garrett) #6

This request comes up occasionally, but doing it is complicated.

One of our goals is to validate the template at compile time (i.e. when you create the application).

By validating the template at compile time, we make it less likely that a template error will only be discovered when template is invoked at run time. Run time template errors are reported in Audit History, but customers do not always closely monitor Audit History, so template errors may go undetected for a while.

Depending on the form of the expression that selects the template name, it might not even be possible for us to compute all of the potential template names at compile time. For example, the expression may refer to field data values that are only present at run time. As a result, we could not locate and verify all of your templates at compile time.

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(Bachir Yazbek) #7

Thanks phlip for the explanation.

We appreciate your feedback.