Expression to limit Ref views displayed

I’ve created a journaling app. I have broken down the different roles in my life and then created a entry option for each role. On the individual role view I have the individual dated entries displayed in the ref view. As I update my journal daily the list of these role entry views is getting quite lengthy. I’m wondering if someone knows an expression that can be used to limit the ref views to say 7 days. I picked 7 because I’d like to review a week at a time and then write a summary for the week. Thanks.

Hi @infinityRick,

Are you able to create slice(s) on those daily record entries table(s) such that slice filter condition is [Entry Date] > = TODAY() - 7


Consider using a user setting to make the number of days configurable. You might also consider using a security filter to prevent older entries from even reaching your device, which will conserve memory and may improve performance.

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