Expression to populate the next Friday date

Hi all,
I’m trying to clear out all my formulas from my back end google sheet and move them into appsheet.
Currently, I use the formula below to populate the next week’s Friday, based on a cell date.

For Instance,
Mon 1/6/20 would populate 1/17/20
Tue 1/7/20 would populate 1/17/20
Wed 1/8/20 would populate 1/17/20
Thu 1/9/20 would populate 1/17/20
Fri 1/10/20 would populate 1/17/20
Sat 1/11/20 would populate 1/17/20
Sun 1/12/20 would populate 1/17/20
Mon 1/13/20 would populate 1/24/20

What I currently use is:
=if(WEEKDAY(O170)=1, O170+5, if(WEEKDAY(O170)=2, O170+11,if(WEEKDAY(O170)=3, O170+10, if(WEEKDAY(O170)=4, O170+9, if(WEEKDAY(O170)=5, O170+8, if(WEEKDAY(O170)=6, O170+7, if(WEEKDAY(O170)=7, O170+6,)))))))

Any idea where to start in appsheet expressions with this one?

Thanks in advance!

For Friday of this week:


For Friday of next week:

(TODAY() - WEEKDAY(TODAY()) + 6 + 7)

For next Friday:

ANY(EXTRACTDATES("next friday"))

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