Expression to Send Notification to Specific User

Hello AppSheet Community :slight_smile:,

I have an app for drivers/dispatchers where routes correspond to specific drivers. I want a notification sent to only a specific driver when data that corresponds to that driver is changed. How do I do that?


Thank you @Steve. I have the notificatons working I just want to narrow down who receives them.

How do you have them working if not by targeting individuals?

For example I have it set to send notifications to my phone and that works. But I donโ€™t want those individuals to ALWAYS receive notifications every time there is a data change. I want them to receive notifications only if the row corresponds to them.

Please post a screenshot of this configuration.

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Toggle the gray pencil to the blue flask, then you can replace your email address with an expression that produces the intended recipient, like USEREMAIL() perhaps.



So what Iโ€™m trying to do is reference the specific row from the routesV7 table that the user is interacting with. Iโ€™ve tried moving around the routesV7 phrase but that doesnโ€™t work.