Expression to split these items into rows?

I need a good expression to split this paragraph up (if possible).

Instead I would like a row per - item - starting with (1) or (2) etc… Like this:

Start with this, in another thread with you:

I tried that. It didn’t give me row per row:

That is using the expression you had given me.
NOTE - i made sure it was two lines…

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The column receiving the result must of type LongText.

oh ok. It was “text” ill make the change and see what happens. Thanks again Steve, as always!

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I changed “Item_List” to type LongText - it still gives exact same results.

Screenshots, please.

Expression in my Google Doc:



Hmm… I honestly don’t know if that should work in a template. I’ve only ever used it within the app itself. You could try creating a virtual column with the SPLIT() expression as its app formula, the use that in your template rather than the SPLIT() expression.

ok. Thanks Steve. I used SUBSTITUTE - not SPLIT. Do you mean use Split() instead?

Whoops! Yes, I should have said SUBSTITUTE(). Sorry for the confusion.

I gotcha. So i tried it - same result. Could i just set up a bunch of SPLIT() expressions - and hopefully have enough to fill enough rows?



You could certainly try. It’ll be ugly.

ok. Thanks

It looks ok. But i have a question. How can i make the “Rental Return” be at the top ONLY. Then each row follows under neath?

I tried and this is what i got - “*Rental Return” - shows up twice?

I don’t know what your current template or expressions are.


So that top expression - is a little different because the data at the beginning has a “*”.

For example:
" * “Rental Return” * " - Well you cant see - but that has **** on both sides of it…

*Rental Return occurs twice because both of your first two expressions produce it:

<<Index(SPLIT([ITEM_LIST], "* "), 1)>>
<<Index(SPLIT([ITEM_LIST], ","), 1)>>

How do I make Rental Return be the first line only. And then each line after…?

Also I thought the "* " was different than the ", "

Shouldnt it look at the " * " differently than ", "?

Meaning as two separate lines

Should it be:
<<Index(SPLIT([ITEM_LIST], "* "), 1)>>
<<Index(SPLIT([ITEM_LIST], “,”), 2)>>

There’s no easy way to do it. Your input isn’t well structured for the tools AppSheet provides. I’m still looking at it, though.