Expression yes/no button type

Hi every Body
How Can I change the button shape of Yes/No expression

I like the one in the second image…but I dont know why become like this

Unfortunately, we do not have control of what input mechanism is used in a “Yes/No” type column. I have seen the slider control appear in the past but just as quickly disappear. I have no idea what makes that style of input show up.

I do notice that your Form with “Confirm Discharge” seems to be set to side-by-side style.

Is the “Confirm Discharge” column defined as a “Yes/No” data type?

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Ive only ever seen this slider appear in the Quick Edits of the Detail view, but would not mind figuring out how to get this in a form, seem professional.

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For @ahmed_almulla, the slider is certainly showing in the Form as evident by the error “This entry is required”.

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That’s the only place the slider is presented: for Yes/No values in detail view Quick Edit columns.

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Got it!

So the view above WAS a Detail view. I just tested this and I do get the “This entry is required” message on the Detail view as well. I did not know it would do that.

But since this should have been filled out on the Form, this state should only happen if the data was cleared OR the settings were changed AFTER the initial row was inserted. Not a common occurrence for an end user.

Screen Shot 2020-04-21 at 10.01.20 AM


if its not required though it should always show this toggle.

Yes slider will always show on the Detail View when set as a Quick Edit column.

I was just correcting my assumption made above that the view with the toggle was a Form. It wasn’t. It was a Detail View.

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ahh :slight_smile: My bad.