Expressions and App details

Hi community, Happy new year for all.
I know I try to get very much details, but I hope your generosity and patience.
I try to create app for food delivery order. the scenario is create column for food menu (Ref type), also create column for quantity and column for total amount generated from multiply the each meal with price and quantity. In ref table I will put the details of food menu and images in addition to prices.The challenge is (If the customer ordered many meals) and (second problem is quantity column where how the customer strike several choices).
For more elaborate:
If the order consist of (meal 1), (meal 2), (meal 3)
The quantities (2 from meal 1), (1 from meal 2), (3 from meal 3)
in ref table there are prices for meals.
If apply Enumlist field instead of ref for the food menu column to availability multi choice feature of food menu, How to apply image for food beside to menu details and how to automatically generate prices of each menu and How to create expression for total amount.

Thank you in advance

Hi, first you need to use Ref. field with your “Meal details” for the meal selection. When you have made the selection from a dropdown, you can read the meal’s price like [Meal].[Price]*[Qty]. Then you are able to sum the total order like SUM([Related Meal Details][Price]) in the Order table.


Thank you Aleksi.

You’re welcome