Expressions with IFS

Hello AppSheet Community,

I would like the editor to check every single one of these IFS statements. I tried putting them in OR() or SWITCH() statements but that didn’t work. How do I write this expression? Thank you.


An IFS() function will only evaluate until it finds the FIRST true condition and then returns the associated value expression.

If you intention is that only ONE of the SELECT()'s be evaluated and returned then the IFS() epression would be like this:

    [Use Mandatories?]=false, SELECT(masterDatabase[Client Name], ...),
    [Palm Beach?]=true, SELECT(masterDatabase[Client Name], ...),
    [Mandatory AM Broward?]=true, SELECT(masterDatabase[Client Name], ...),
    [Naples?}=true, SELECT(masterDatabase[Client Name], ...),
    true, SELECT(masterDatabase[Client Name], true)

The last line is a default if none of the above evaluate true. It is strongly recommended you always have a default.

Based on the wording of your post, I question if this is your intention. If you are trying to achieve something else, then please elaborate on your desired result.

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Thank you @WillowMobileSystems

I tried again with this expression

Basically I have three relevant columns in my routes table. Stops is an enum list with suggested values. I would like the suggested values for Stops to change according to the values of Use Route Quickset? and Route Quicksets. So for example, if Use Route Quickset is true and Route Quicksets is Palm Beach, I only want Stops populated by the values of Client Name in the Master Database that correspond to Palm Beach, i.e. masterDatabase[Client Name].