"Expunge" Old Objects

Hi AppSheet,

I have a column in my table of Yes/No type titled “Expunge?”

And I want the value to be set to TRUE if the timestamp is a week old or older. So I wrote this expression to reference the row, but nothing happens when I press the button. What should I do?

select(routesV7[name],[Intended Day/Time].

There shouldn’t be a period there after “[Intended Day/Time]”

Real column or virtual column?

What button?

I would have it be a virtual column with the App Formula of:

[Intended Day/Time] < (TODAY() - 7)

But I may be not quite understanding the situation

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The period was a typo. I know what a virtual column is but how would you use it here?

I created a virtual column that returns true if the row is too old but nothing happens when I press the button to delete those rows.

How is your action set up?

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Is there more to this expression, or does it end with that check expungement column?

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select(routesV7[name],[check expungement]=y)

If [check expungement] is a Yes/No column and [name] is your Key column, then your expression should be:
SELECT(routesV7[name], [check expungement])

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[name] is not my key column but i’ll try what you suggested.

Yeah then swap [name] for the key column. The SELECT must return Keys for the action to work.



FILTER( routesV7 , [check expungement] )