External email Action list items per line in email body

I want to create an action to email or export a list of item names.

I’ve gotten as far as to get the names in the Body of an external email but it is separated by a comma and I would like to display it as a list.
I’ve tried substituting the comma for “/n” and “%0D%0A” hoping to trick (in my case gmail) to format the list as desired, unfortunately without any luck.

I know it is possible to perform this listing in a template but as far as I’m aware I’m not able to add a template to an external: start an email action.

So my question:
Is it possible to separate a List by line break in the email body Or to use a template in the external: start an email action?

I was thinking to difficult,

Turns out you can just place a enter between the quotes and it handles as such…

Code would look as follows:

SUBSTITUTE(LIST(SELECT(Table[Column],([Column] = [_THISROW]))), " , ", "