External Eventing Not Triggering

Hey All so I have followed the video for external eventing in for a google form that submits to a sheet, it was working and then all the sudden it is no longer working, I have tried updating Access keys, disabling old ones, republishing the app, I deleted the bot, all automation and proccesses etc, recreated and nothing. Wasnt sure if this is a bug or I am doing something wrong. I have re watched the videos and messed around with this for a few hours with no luck.

Unfortunate because I was so excited to get the APP Rolling for my company this week.

All I am attempting to do is send an SMS to our employees when a new row is created.

Im starting VERY basic - very new to this.

I would recommend support@appsheet.com for this question. External Eventing is a very new feature and I highly doubt many people here are going to be able to help you with it.


Thanks again Marc!