External Eventing with Google Sheets - Cannot Choose External Event

I installed the Google Sheets Add-on “AppSheet Events” as shown in the video tutorial below.
(1) AppSheet Automation: External eventing with Google Sheets - YouTube

(1) Successfully Installed Add-on
(2) Successfully inserted API Key into Sheets Add-on (using incognito window method)
(3) Created a new Automation Bot in AppSheet


Issue: There is no apparent way to select the google sheet event as an event type like in the video.

The video tutorial is silent on how to do this and there is nothing in the documentation I could find.

How do we specify in AppSheet that the event is an external change in Google Sheets?


what you have success, try that ?

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Same there, I cannot find Update Appsheet Keys in Google Sheet menu

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@Temiloluwa_Otuyelu can you take a look? Thanks!

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Hello. This method is now deprecated. You don’t need to provide Appsheet keys anymore. Just install the addon and enable the sheet you want events for.

Screenshots with instructions are also available in the addon page: https://workspace.google.com/marketplace/app/appsheet_events/592572205846