External eventing with Google Sheets, possible for SQL?

Great with the new feature of automation.
But… will external eventing also be possible for SQL server? (Not just as an add-on in Excel/G-sheet)
So when a data change occurs in the database form one app, it could trigger an action in another connected app.
That would just be sooooo smooooth;)

Hi @khuslid

This is on the roadmap…first DB we are planning to add is Cloud SQL (MySQL). SQL Server will follow this same path once Cloud SQL is implemented.

For your use case, how many tables would you want this eventing to be set up on? How often do data changes happen on your tables? (how many events would you expect per table)? What kind of action would you want to take when the data changes in the database. Please let me know any details about your use case.

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