Extra blanket rows required with multiple tablbes

Why do some tables require multiple empty lines between the heading and the first row that appears

I have multi tables in my app and some require empty rows like the one above, and I don’t
understand why this is?

Can someone please explain it to me?

Hi, any chance that these are deleted records? Because when you delete a record, your app doesn’t delete the row from your spreadsheet… it just clear it.


they are read only tables

How do you see that it needs blank rows in the beginning? What kind of error/alert?

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Then how did you added those rows…?

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There is no such requirement. What makes you think there is?

When I add tables to appsheet, some tables don’t display row two, three, or four, that’s when I add blank rows so row 2 which after adding the blank rows is row 6 and row 6 is the first thing that shows up in the table, the rows don’t have to be blank, I can put the heading in all the rows and still only row 6 will show, and this is only on a few tables out of multiple tables.

It may be that it’s not recognizing your header row. Be sure to bold the header row.

See also:

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One reason could be that you don’t have anything with the key column. If the key column’s value is missing, you are not able see those records with the app.

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