Extra Header for Deck Views OR LongText Secondary Header can be displayed on two rows in Deck View


I guess the need for an Extra Header Row for the Deck View, must have been expressed before and it would really be necessary for mobile Views where the summary column is very little and the Two Headers are in so many cases too little to pass on the information needed.

But, if setting up a Third Header is not an option, would it be possible to allow the Secondary Header to display on two Rows?

So, if I make a Virtual Column as a LongText Type with a formula:

[Column 1 Info]&"
"&[Column 2 Info]

could it be allowed to enlarge the Deck and display the information of each column on a separate row in the Deck View?

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Have you tried to use Card view?

… that’s a different View completely … it doesn’t really help in these cases.
I have no images nor need to share or collect hearts … there are only two action buttons …

If you don’t have any image column it will hide that area and the title can use the whole width. The description can show more than just one line. Those two action buttons will show your own icon, not the heart or share.

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One Problem: Card Views don’t display NewLines.