Extract coordinates from image

Hi all,

Can AppSheet extract coordinates from an uploaded image with a form to autopopulate a LatLong column?



Not directly. However there’s a REST API service that can return EXIF data from an image. You need to construct Google Apps Script, publish it as a webhook and use its URL as an webhook endpoint URL in an AppSheet workflow. You need to convert that convert that image to a base64encode and then pass it to the REST API service’s endpoint URL as a post body param. The JSON response from the API service will include all the EXIF information of that image including the lat long if it exists. Then you can record it to your gSheet back-end.


Wow! Thanks @LeventK
I thought it was going to be something easier.
I think I can do it manually for the moment.
Will try that when I have more time…

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You’re welcome

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Hi @Nicolas_Feldman this is also possible by using the Google Cloud Vision API. I’m using it together with Integromat. You can up-vote here:


@LeventK thank you for the hint. Why do you prefer Cloudinary API?

Hi @Fabian,
I’m using Cloudinary web services and its API may be for 2 years or more. They have a quality of service and offer various image and video editing, overlay options on the fly. The cons is their REST API coding is a bit confusing and though they have a very good API documentation, it’s not indexed well, therefore sometimes it’s not easy to find what you are looking for. And the prices are very good. They even offer a free service up-to a certain amount of uploading. Their support service is good and reliable as well. I’m quite happy with Cloudinary actually.

Besides; Google Vision API cannot extract EXIF data from an image. It can extract image properties only.


Thank you so much for those insights @LeventK.
Yes, Google Vision API is limited. But it’s for free :wink:

Google Vision API is free up-to a certain extent…Just like all other REST API services i.e. Cloudinary in this case…


And besides it does not provide the info what @Nicolas_Feldman is asking for :wink:


Maybe I didn’t understand the request.
Google Vision API gives you 4 coordinates of every symbol or word in an image. So that’s upper left, upper right, bottom left, bottom right. In this example it’s the word “Stand:”

And it also gives you the width and the hight of the image.

With those information you can calculate the XY for AppSheet:
(X / width * 100) , (Y / hight * 100)

For the pricing you are right. 1000 images / month are free. Actually I don’t reach this limit :slight_smile:

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It might be a good thing when working with XY type columns and images however @Nicolas_Feldman was asking if it’s possible to retrieve the Lat Long (GPS Exif) value from the image uploaded to an AppSheet app.


Oh man I was so confused :joy: Sorry…

Thanks @Fabian and @LeventK for that masterclass.

I believe Fabian was talking about this post at the end:
XY coordinates generator for images


Hi @Nicolas_Feldman you saved me :slight_smile:
Yes I saw your name and connected it with XY :joy:

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