Extract Emails from Enum Column

Hi, I have a vehicle table with a [user] column with the type of enum and a base type of email to store the email of the owner (it is enum to have a drop down).

I want to send an email to the owner of each vehicle (there are many vehicles each with a unique owner) on a schedule but the SELECT() I use for “email to:” in the past is not working.

Ps. The event that triggers this task is in another table (called maintenance) & when I try EXTRACTEMAILS(Vehicles[user]) it is invalid


Column settings

Any help would be appreciated :smiley:

EDIT: Kind of managed to “fix” the issue by creating a new problem, I simply changed the column type to ref and ref the Users table, obviously this gives me the broken ref yellow triangle, but the SELECT now works in the “email to:” box. I just want to either find a way to get all the emails in the [user] column of the enum type or need to find a way to get rid of the yellow triangle by repairing the ref, which I tried but when I changed the name of Vehicles[user] to Vehicles[u_id](key of the Users table) the column disappeared, and I was unable to assign a user to a vehicle. What should I do? any advice?