Extract the last value of a list

Hi there

I need some help please i have two tables one with records of visits at the same client or different and another table with customer information ( phone, name, email,stock).

i need to extract the last information of the stock of the first table and show in the second table corresponding the company_id

I already made this formula so that it gives me the first registration of the stock and I want the last

LOOKUP([_THISROW].[Company_ID],“Contactos equipa Pisca”,“ID do Pisca”,“Stock na empresa”)

Can you help? please


Hi Steve i put this way and crash the app

“Contactos equipa Pisca”,
([_THISROW].[Company_ID] = [ID do Pisca])

the “Contactos equipa Pisca” its the first table where is the data to extract

In what way did the app crash? Is there an error message? If so, please post a screenshot.

They crash because of the time out

Can i do this with dereference ? to make the app more simple and because of the time of sync

Steve thanks for your help now gives me this error.

The expression is valid but its result type ‘Ref’ is not one of the expected types: Number

Please post a screenshot of the configuration screen of the column that uses this expression.

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Thanks Steve for the help i had a bad table reference

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