Extracting field value from list of ref

I have tables Participants, Roles
Participants has VC of type List(Ref(Roles)) “This User Role Data” = FILTER(Roles, [Email] = USEREMAIL())
Participants has VC of type List(Text) “This User Orgs” = [This User Role Data][Org]

Email Org
a@a.com orgX
a@a.com orgY
b@b.com orgX
b@b.com orgZ

When I show these two VCs previewing the app as a@a.com:
“This User Role Data” =
a@a.com orgX
a@a.com orgY

“This User Orgs” =

What is going wrong that “This User Orgs” isn’t orgX,orgY?

I had not included the Org column as part of the key in the Roles table, that solved it