Extracting telephone data so report can send SMS

I am trying to create a report that at 4pm sends me a text message for a task marked “Urgent” that is not complete.

On the bottom where it asks you to list the telephone number I do not want static information. I want to populate the telephone number of the user that task belongs to. However I have this message to contend with.

"This formula is not evaluated in the context of a row, so column values are not available."

Is there a way to pull the telephone data from my USERS table that has a column with the telephone numbers in it?

Yes, you’ll have to use LOOKUP() and/or SELECT() to gather the email addresses.

No such luck. I have tried various methods and after a couple of hours of trying I must take a step back.

I did find this resource and did exactly what it said and I still get an error.

Here is a snapshot. However this process does not work. My data looked like this [Assigned To].[Telephone] with “Assigned To” being a REF type to the user list that has the telephone numbers.

I get this error:
Error in expression ‘[Assigned To].[Telephone]’ : Unable to find column 'Assigned To’

Can I get a screenshot of this error? I think I need better context.

First off I want to say thank you for looking into it. Your efforts are not going unnoticed.

Here is a screenshot where it shows you the hard coded telephone number. I am trying to replace that with a variable.

In this screenshot you can see the expression that I used for a workflow to extract telephone data. However that expression does work in the workflow, but does not work in the reports section.

Thank you in advance.

Perhaps change Create report to ForEachRowInTable?