EXTRACTPRICES() in Virtual Column Dissapears

I have a virtual column that extracts prices from user notes, however, it goes blank after a row update. If I update the row by inserting a new value in one of the columns, the EXTRACTPRICE virtual column extracts prices in the note, however, once the update has finished processing, the extracted price disappears. Is there any way to fix this or is this a bug?

Please post a screenshot of the virtual column’s configuration screen down and including at least the Type Details section, as well as a screenshot of the entire App formula expression. If the column has Valid If and/or Initial value expressions, please also include screenshots of them.

Not surprisingly, this turns out to be pure user error on my part. There are two notes sections for different levels of users. The users enter notes of how they would evaluate the value of something. Level One user valuations take priority over Level Two users and I had a formula with
IF( INDEX(EXTRACTPRICES(TEXT([Level One User Note])),1))<=0, INDEX(EXTRACTPRICES(TEXT([Level Two User Note])),1), INDEX(EXTRACTPRICES(TEXT([Level One User Note])),1))

I changed this to ISBLANK() instead of <=1 and now it works. I have no idea why I used that formula in the first place, totally forgot it was in there and, yes, Steve, I am disgusted with myself and I feel both <=0 and ISBLANK().

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We all do it. Sometimes you just need someone to jog your thinking.

Glad you figured it out!



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