Facebook app like template

can anyone help me to share facebook like sampleapp or template. We would like to use that for local community.


Just to be clear, you are looking for FB “like” feature or sentiment-voting? Or something else…

in other words, how to build similar to FB App for local community or for a university ?

This would not be a simple task as AppSheet is not really geared towards that sort of thing. But it would be, on some level, doable. Though, I highly doubt anyone has built any kind of sample that could showcase it. The last thing I would like to point out is that this kind of project would be expensive.


Ok. thank you. Do you think it will be difficult even without videos and chat facility ?

Face book has an infinite feed. You can’t do that with Appsheet.


Social media-esque applications also demand large userbases… not really conducive to appsheets pricing model.


I m running my own local community with Wix.com.
Affordable, and powerful.