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Hello Experts,

I would like to create facebook like app for educational purpose for kids. Do we such template/sample app available ?


Perhaps you mean an app with a “feed” from your students. I’m not quite ready to make a prototype public by I made an app that I use in large lectures with a “feed” (sort of) that shows comments from students anonymously. Students who want to ask a question or make a comment during class can type it in to a Google from and then my app shows the individual comments in a sort of feed:

This happens to be in Japanese but of course it would work in any language. I’d like to share it with other educators eventually.

P.S. The comments appear anonymously on the screen (via my app that I show in my browser) but I also collect the e-mail addresses which much be from my universities domain and thus allow me to identify who wrote what comment after class.

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i m reading texts on app screenshot rather than text of your post!
joking. as it is eye catching for me, local - mother tongue!

So my understanding is your app should be PUBLIC app? And asking the app user who are attempt to post comment you compulsorily asking them to put their email address?

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At my university, they have e-mail addresses that are actually Google e-mail addresses. Students can’t make their own crazy address names; they are determined by their student numbers. So, if I force them to log in with their university accounts, and collect their e-mail addresses, I can identify them.

It makes sense, Dr.
Thank you!
Both you and I, time for bed!
nigh nigh.

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