Facial Recognition, or some type of security other than email

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Some Context,

Production facility here, we have about 10-12 tablets drifting around. All apps in an app launcher, categorized. All Tablets always signed in.

We are starting to develop some more sensitive apps with recipes etc, we still want this to be accessible on all tablets, but locked behind something. Facial recognition, or a some kind of user system with a pin,

We don’t want to go the email route. Not very user friendly and frankly a pain in the arse to sign in and out etc. to much gets opened up like drive etc, so we want to stick to 1 standard email.

Wondering how others have dealt with this, user system with a pin that auto signs out after a few minutes? Facial recognition? Is there a way for app sheet to be able to handle this through a third party?

I’m looking for ideas, input, anything here,


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I, unfortunately, do not think it is possible to currently setup any kind of auto sign out system. I don’t think there is a combination of 3rd party and AppSheet functions to do it. At least not elegantly. You could setup some sort of pin system when attempting to access the sensitive data. Bare in mind, there is no real security here, since that pin would still be stored in a plain spreadsheet/database table.

Anyway, you could then setup a series of reports to fire to reset the entered pin to blank and therefore require reentry by the user. However, the caveat to this plan is the minimum interval for a report is once per day. So, in order to set something up that resets every 5 minutes 24/7…then you need to recreate 288 individual reports. Of course, if your production facility isn’t 24/7 you can reduce that down to just during the hours of operation. And you can further reduce if you make the logout time a bit longer.

The other downside of the report setup is that it doesn’t remember you for the next X minutes. It remembers until the next predetermined X interval happens. So to combat that, you also want to capture the current time of login and probably have the report not trigger if the user only just logged in.

There are some other challenges, like I don’t think there is a way to force them to a different screen from a Report (but maybe). So sensitive data that was left on the screen may still be viewable, unless enough time has also elapsed for AppSheet to automatically refresh itself to its “starting screen”. But if you ever go the Report route, I wanted you to know some of the pitfalls before you start duplicating.

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