Facing issue with grouped action

I have simple 2 step grouped action :
When user “checks in/out” from a table, a new row needs to be added in another table to keep track of history. From all the documentation, looked like all I needed to do was define a set of grouped actions.
First open is system action “edit” and next is “add a new row to another table from this row”. But it doesnt seem to perform the second action.
For testing purposes, I reversed the actions and it worked fine. ie : add a new row to another table from this row" followed by “edit” works.

Am I missing something obvious ?
(Sorry, if it is a duplicate topic. I did a search and couldnt see duplicates. Kindly point me to another thread if it exists. )

HI @m_j

With only the information provided, there are numerous possible causes.
If you provide additional information for each action, we will be able to give you better advice.

I’m particularly interested in the “Only if this condition is true” content of the Add a new row action.



One you fire group of action, to edit row first and followed by add new row to other table, at the time when this particular action is fired, then it will do the first job (open form view) but it will lose the state, meaning nothing happen. (2nd action is not waiting for first action to be completed)

The solution should be you separate the action. And then arrange the add new action to be fired on the form to be saved.



I see.

In the Form View settings, you can try executing an Action only for Add a new row after Save. That’s the idea.


Or even we could fire second action through workflow as well.


Thank you! this helped :slight_smile:


Thank you! :slight_smile: