Fail to email in Deployed app but success to email in Prototype status

Hi, a very good day to you all.

I am new to Appsheet, and I am building up a simple app to track the billing status of a job completed. We will email a Report to multiple email address of the sample customer upon a job done, follow by email to multiple email address of the same customer upon invoice ready.

Email delivery is success during prototype status of the app (Note: email the report to App creator since in prototype), but email delivery is fail when we deployed the App.

We have create 6 individual Email column for a customer and assigned with Email Date Type (E.g. Email 1, Email 2, Email 3, Email 4, Email 5, Email 6,), and create a virtual column to concatenate all the email into one, name as “All Email”, with Text Data Type.

The App formula expression for “All Email” is “CONCATENATE([Email 1],”; “,[Email 2],”; “,[Email 3],”; “,[Email 4],”; “,[Email 5],”; “,[Email 6])”.

We are building Automation to automate email delivery and email delivery is working well in prototype status but email delivery was fail in Deployed status.

Is anyone can help for this issue? Appreciate it! Thank a lot!

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