Failed Action: Set Value of Column

Not sure what the issue is here, but I keep receiving an error with this action - I have had another user test this out on their account and it worked fine. I have notifications sent out on the basis that a value in a table has change - bother the date/time the notification button is clicked and who clicked it.

The screenshot below is saying that by me clicking the notification button to change the User email value it would become invalid? Not sure why this has become an issue now as this has been my method of sending notifications for months and another user tested it and its working fine.


The action changes the two values as such;

The email that was previously on the notification was the same email I was logged in as, so it wouldnt have changed value anyway.

I should also note that other notification actions have disappeared entirely for me, other users can see and the condition applied means I should be able to see them also. Is there any kind of bug that would cause this? The actions are disaplayed prominently

Mechanical sent by column could be virtual column I suspect…

No its in the table structure in Excel, not virtual

Or do you mean it should be changed to a VC

Any valid if constrain in it?

Nothing at all

Is mechanical sent by column is referred by any other column in the same table?


For some reason I am not logged in, but cannot get logged in through the app? I am the App Creator so while in the editor I can see I am logged in but cannot get through on the app?

So the email wouldnt be valid as there is no email to populate

Cache might be working wrong, suggest clear cache from your browser and restart computer and take it from their for the next step.

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