Failed to remove file extension from file name

Hello everyone!
I have a problem with template generation:

There is a row with Image virtual column, generating a QR-code via

The QR is correctly viewed in App, but it can’t be attached to doc template with this error:

*Failed to remove file extension from file name '<<[some data]>>|Name=<<[some data]>>|PersonalAcc=<<[some data]>>>|BankName=<<[some data]>>|BIC=<<[some data]>>|CorrespAcc=<<[some data]>>|PayeeINN=<<[some data]>>|Purpose=<<[some data]>>|Sum=<<[some data]>>|LastName=<<[some data]>>|FirstName=<<[some data]>>|MiddleName=<<[some data]>>' because it contains Invalid characters: '|' (Hex Character '007C')* 

The QR will be used in banks applications to autofill information about payment orders and
‘|’ symbol is a separator. This protocol is general for all banks applications in my country and can’t be changed :slight_smile:

Is there any solution for this error?