Failed to sign in by a certain user. We depl...

(tsuji koichi) #1

Failed to sign in by a certain user.

We deploy one app and added user to it.

This user is using Office 365 as credential. We added him as user role, and gave url link both browser and app download. However, he is prompted to Appsheet website, where error message appears, “access denied”, you are not permitted to access to the app.

We are sure his office 365 account is added to white list.

Tried to work on different browsers, Chrome, Edge and IE, resulting in the same.

Any possible cause to make him unable to access to the app?

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

Check the provider setting form Security > Require Sign-In > Authentication provider > Choose “Any provider”

(tsuji koichi) #3

Hi , yeah! Thank you for heading me up. Yes I did set up, google… now change to all provider.