FAQ: add row per value in EnumList

Hi everyone!
I am looking for the most optimal solution to solve the following problem:

  1. I have a list of training majors.
  2. Each training industry has a list of profiles name such as GKSK, ID card, Photo, Degree, … each branch has a different number of profiles.
  3. When students register for training, they must submit a complete list of profiles.
  4. Faculty wants to select a training major to export a CSV list of registered students.
    Each download, depending on the training industry, the downloaded file will have columns that are the names of each profile by that industry.
    Kindly support me! Thanks!

Thanks Steve!
This worked great for my app! I’ve been trying to solve this for about a week. Goal was to create a pre-generated set of child work order tasks based on the parent work order type when the parent work order was created! Virtual list column on the parent work order to link the master task list table and this workflow solved the problem!

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