Faster input form for multiple entities

Let’s say I have a customers table and 2 related tables of orders and interactions
When a new customer is created, an order and/or an interaction need to be created as well.

Currently, this is handled in 3 different forms.
First create the customer-> UX navigates to customer details view-> press on New in related interaction/orders table and input the relevant data.

Is there a way to make the capturing of data for creation of these 2-3 rows faster? Can it be in a single form?

It would be possible to create a sort of intermediary “customer creation + order” table which captures the information for both an initial entry in the main customer table AND an initial order.

The table would have the combined columns of both master tables, therefor making those fields enterable in a single form. After a row is created you could set up two workflows which are triggered by adds to the combo table - one would create a new row in the master customer table, and the other would create a new row in the master order table. I would also recommend adding an additional step which erases the entry in the combo table so that your data is not unnecessarily duplicated.

This is perhaps not the most elegant solution, but it should work if that combined form function is a big priority!

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Thank you very much.
I will give it a try.


I’ve tried this solution and found it to be working in general. However, I stumbled upon 2 issues:

  1. minor: I would like the + button in the Customer list view not to show so that the users will use the new form instead. Is it possible to hide it? Changing the Customer table by removing the add option (will be Updates/deletes only) didn’t work as no new entries can be added to it, even by workflow rules…

  2. Major: Before applying all of this, I had workflow rule that when an order is created, a reminder is created in a reminders table so the user can interact with the customer after few days.
    Since the addition to the order table is now done by rule, this “create reminder” is not triggered anymore.
    The Appsheet Documentation mentions this:

DataChange actions that are invoked by workflow rules do not trigger AppSheet workflow rules.
Is there any way to overcome this?

Thank you

@Hayden, any idea on the above?