Faster syncing speed with link images or images on g drive?

I have not found information about this and I would like get more speed in the first load of the app, currently I use many images upload with Appsheet (Google Drive). I can reduce the time sync of the app with link images insteas images on drive?

For example use AWS S3 for images. I read somthing about images caching is in Cloudflare but i I don’t understand.

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Ultimately the app is going to have to download the same files, whether they come from Gdrive, AWS, or any other online server. (Granted… the speed of the server matters… it’s upload speed… your download speed… etc. etc.)

But ultimately there’s not going to be a change in the speed in which things are populated in the app - because the app’s going to have to download all those images anyways.

If you reduce the image sizes, that will reduce the load time - less data to transfer.

But I don’t think hosting the images in another source would increase your loading speed.

Also… if you want to go offline

Images from links are not available offline; images stored in the Gdrive will be downloaded to the device.


Thank you, now I understand

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