Feature: Custom PDF size attachments (workflows)

Do you use PDFs in your workflows? We’ve made a recent adjustment that allow you to customize what you send to help your business run more efficiently.

What is a workflow and why does it affect sending my PDF?
Workflows are a slightly more advanced feature that allow you to define automated behaviors that are performed on the AppSheet cloud backend. As an app creator, you can use multiple workflows in your application.

Each Workflow or Report has three components:

  1. When it should run (the “event” that triggers the action)
  2. Whether it should be performed (the “condition” that determines what happens)
  3. What it should do (the “action” that takes place because the trigger took place and it met the conditions you’ve set)

The PDF’s you send are part of the “action” that takes place in your app’s behavior settings. For the purpose of this post, we’ll be focusing on the action of sending a custom PDF from your workflow. You can learn more about workflows by reviewing some of the below documentation.

Where does the PDF sizing of live?

  1. To find the PDF size option, open your app editor by selecting the app you’d like to work on.
  2. The navigation bar on the left side displays a tab titled “Behavior”. Click this tab.
  3. Once you’re in the Behavior tab you’ll find a navigation bar along the top of your editor. The second tab is your “Workflow” section.
  4. Once you’ve found the “Workflow” section, open up the action that sends PDFs.
  5. Scroll down to the “Do This” section of the workflow and expand the view.
  6. In the “Email Content” section, scroll until you find “Attachment Page Size”
  7. From here you can modify the PDF size. Please see image below.


Important notes

  • If you’d like to take advantage of this feature and incorporate workflows into now of your current applications, you can learn more about workflows here.
  • This new addition allows you to automate everything from barcode labels to posters. To learn more about sending an email from a workflow rule, please review this help article. customize your automation. To get started with custom PDF attachments
  • Workflows can be a bit tricky to troubleshoot so we’ve created this helpful guide should you encounter any issue when working with PDFs in workflows.

Try adding this feature to your app now and let us know how video embedding works for you.

Happy app building!

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