Feature request: auto sync after saving in QuickEdit mode

I know that disabling DelayedSync option means that sync will be made after every change, but in many cases is better to have this option enabled so the user can keep working while syncs in the background. My suggestion is to alow the posibility to enable/disable DelayedSync on specific table views, in my case i need it in the quickedit mode, this is because in this mode users can input data on many rows at once, i have had for example users with 28 rows edited in quickedit (wich takes more than one minute to sync), it happend that some users refresh the webpage to check if the data was saved before the sync was complete, so actually they were loosing the data by doing that, eventualy in some cases the data didnt even sync, so i informed them to press manually the sync button or just wait, but i think it would be the best for a case like this, the posibility to disable the delayedsync just in that view with quickedit , so that sync will be automatically every change is made there.