Feature Request - Comments inside Application Formula/Expression

Dear Product Developers,

I would like to request a simple feature to allow commenting inside Application Formula/Expression please?

For example, in basic language you can use an apostrophe ’ or in C language you can use the / Comment / combination.

I have some complex formulas and expressions in which I sometimes forget why it does certain things, so being able to comment it line by line would be very useful.



Like the 14th time this has been requested. :nerd_face:



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Clearly I (we) need to spend more than just being a customer of a single Pro licence…

Maybe they worry if we get this, we might expect color coding, automatic indentation and parenthesis checking too? I am sure evaluation beginners would like that as much as the veterans?

If we are really spoiled we might even want reusable expressions and other reusable/sharable items??? I mean, you know, I might have some reusable things that you might like to easily use or vice-versa?