Feature Request - Comments inside Application Formula/Expression

Dear Product Developers,

I would like to request a simple feature to allow commenting inside Application Formula/Expression please?

For example, in basic language you can use an apostrophe ’ or in C language you can use the / Comment / combination.

I have some complex formulas and expressions in which I sometimes forget why it does certain things, so being able to comment it line by line would be very useful.



Like the 14th time this has been requested. :nerd_face:



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Clearly I (we) need to spend more than just being a customer of a single Pro licence…

Maybe they worry if we get this, we might expect color coding, automatic indentation and parenthesis checking too? I am sure evaluation beginners would like that as much as the veterans?

If we are really spoiled we might even want reusable expressions and other reusable/sharable items??? I mean, you know, I might have some reusable things that you might like to easily use or vice-versa?

There is an extension for reusable expressions and better indentation and automatic open and closing of ,(),"",’’, etc.I don’t remember the link to it but I guarantee someone here knows what I’m talking about.

Found it!

While at should also make the expression assistant variable width for longer expressions.


Just as an FYI, there ARE ways you can include comments in your formulas; it’s just a hack of a way to accomplish it. :nerd_face:

If you’re building a series of cascading IF() statements (or if you’re using the IFS() version), you can include a condition that will never be true and include you comments there.

In the image above, you can see I’ve included a line that contains an IF() statement that will NEVER be true; this then contains my comment that reminds me what part of the algorithm I’m in.

if(true=false, “//My comment here”, “”)

Because TRUE will never be equal to FALSE, this part of the series of IF() statements is skipped.

The same can be accomplished inside a concatenate as well; for instance, the following formula:

if(1=2, “//my comments here will never be included”, “”),
" and the other thing."

…gives the following output: “Something and the other thing.”

The comment in the middle is excluded; technically it IS included, but it’s an empty space that’s added in. If I were to show this with a line, the technical output would be:

“Something| and the other thing.”

With the line ( | ) representing the empty space that was added in; but since it’s empty you don’t see it. :nerd_face:

For numbers, decimals, etc. - you have to wrap the comment in a type forcing function in order for the formula to evaluate:

if(1=2, decimal("//For example, this formula is to calculate a price, so the text needs to be a decimal"),
[Hours] * [Employee_Ref].[Employee_Per_Hour]

if(true=false, DateTime("//This example would be for a dateTime"),

if(“X”=“Y”, NUMBER("//This would be for a number column"),

In AppSheet you’ll find there’s…


Appsheet is definitely the king of finding another way lol.

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