Feature Request - hierarchyid data type https...

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Feature Request - hierarchyid data type https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/relational-databases/hierarchical-data-sql-server

@praveen @Brian_Sabino So, I’ve been working a lot lately with building recursive org structures, from enterprise structures/ organization structures / to coding structures… I’m really starting to run into difficulties with bending appsheet to display this information in a hierarchical fashion.

You’ve probably seen quite a few of my posts about it, from recursive, to REFLISTS, to ENUMLISTS base type ref, to navigation actions and grouping and sorting with expanding trees, even back to “reporting numbering” structure… Well, I think I finally hit on exactly what the term is, and how it’s handled in SQL.

Can you please put this structure into your roadmap? It would also open up another type of way to view data visually as well…

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So, it’s less the ID type, and more around being able to “play ball” with it. Functions specifically for it, views based on it, etc.

Typically you create the structure, and then you have adjunct tables that tie back to the organizational structure, like a file folder system. You create all of the folder structure, and then attached are the files… So in that case you would have a table for the structure and another table for the files, in which the files are tied to a parent in the structure…

So you would navigate through the structure, and see structural elements alongside file elements. (So clearly this is the issue i’m having with showing information well within appsheet.)

So the importance of this is around informational security, and robust user permissions. If we can create this structure, and tie the app things, such as files in this example, to this structure. Then, when assigning user permissions you can say, this user has access to this node, and everything below it, or maybe just this node…

So I think that being able to build this structure, and display it is very important.

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Hi @Grant_Stead I’m trying to place this request with the right type. It seems this has to do more with how information is displayed than the actual column type correct?

As we have types and relationships like:

Keys REF Type Columns Nested Rows in the Detail view IsPartOf relationships (for REF columns)

It sounds to mee that the hierarchical model is somewhat built into our app model. What we don’t have is view types where the user navigates that “relationship tree” other than grouped table views which are actually not what your looking for.

So your request is more about the display side of things, correct?

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@Santiago Yep. Imagine exploring a folder structure in a computer, the structure, and the files are together… Furthermore, there is currently no way to group and sort naturally on a Hierarchical model.