Feature Request: Mass Form Submission


Most of my users do not have a stable internet and sometimes there is no internet.

Although yes, we understand that you can use the application offline then sync. However, sometimes our users do not have a stable internet connection at the start of the day sometimes, there’s no internet for the day at all.

Since then, our work around for this problem is that we let them record their transactions in an excel file. Then once the internet is stable, they will have to input them again. which results to unnecessary work.

With this, would like to suggest a feature which allows form submission via importing an excel (considering all the columns of the database)

Could you explain what issues you face if you allow the users to submit Forms in the app all day while in offline mode?

Theoretically, they should be able to do this and then once they have a connection at the end of the day, tap Sync and then wait to allow all the changes to be submitted.



Sorry for the late reply.

There are times where my users do not have internet access for a day or two. One of my users clearly do not have a stable internet connection in their area. There’s no way to access the application offline if there’s no internet connection from the very beginning.

For instances like these, we wanted our users to input from an excel for the meantime then once the day comes where their internet connection is stable. They will be able to submit the data using that excel file.

I hope I made things clear.

Yes, I understand.

Currently there is no import feature in appSheet itself BUT one is coming as there is a BETA import feature showing in the app. It’s just not active yet.

In the meantime, there are a couple of things I know you can do.

You could create the Excel sheet to have the same format as the sheet used in your app and then simply copy paste the rows of data.

A second option is write a scripting function that can upload the Excel rows into the sheet. This can be more automated. Excel has some capabilities built in and it can connect to external scripting services.

Where you may run into issues is with ID columns or any computed data that is updated as rows are added. Workarounds will depend on your use case.