Feature Requests tagging and Feature Release Notes

There are roughly 500 posts in Feature Requests. In the recent product roadmap update, there are 5 areas mentioned:

  1. Richness
  2. Authoring
  3. App UX
  4. Connectors
  5. Admin

Can we please have someone from the AppSheet team add these tags (only to the Feature Requests category, if it makes sense only in that context and supported by Discourse) to the posts so we can classify them?

Also, it would help to somehow mark feature requests that are already implemented as Closed or something with a link to the post in the Feature Release Notes category.

Thanks for considering.

@JCadence @Peter


I was thinking about that recently, maybe they can be marked as “solved”


Hi @Bellave_Jayaram

Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback. Always great to see how Creators are thinking through potential solutions.

Bucketing requests is an intriguing idea, but I want to be cautious of assigning categories to requests. As a product, we do so much more than these five buckets and while these are our current focus, that focus could pivot in the future and we’d need to recategorize requests all over again.

As for the marketing of deployed requests, that’s something we’ve been trying to solve for for some time. There are certain limitations to the current platform this forum is hosted on, but we are exploring ways in which to clarify what’s been built.

We are close to the next phase of experimentation. Be on the lookout for updates to come :slight_smile:

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