Features which are supported by appsheet

I have project which requires this functionality for admin, i researched some of this but i will write all and if someone know, it will be great help for me, thanks.

  • Database
  • Admin panel CRUD
  • Can add new data type / table
  • Can modify data type sctructure (like adding columns)
  • User authentication
  • User profile & permission on data view
  • Receive external data for update and create from wehbook / API
  • Can send data to external system if a record is created or updated
  • Can apply customized function to a list of records
  • Customized function can be integrated
  • Audit trail of changes on records (who & when)
  • Can revert to a previous version of change (bonus)
  • Can scale easily

Start from here first:

And then take a look at help.appsheet.com for all the documentation you need.


okay , thanks for answer