Feedback on sample apps

Hi AppSheet community. What do you all think of the sample apps? How do you use them? If you don’t use them, why not?

I use them. I was just looking through the sample apps for one that uses LINKTOVIEW(). Unfortunately, I couldn’t find one with that particular expression. Good indexing of expressions, action types, etc will make the sample apps even more valuable.

After I wrote this, @Suvrutt_Gurjar introduced a nice sample app that uses LINKTOVIEW:

It even has LINKTOVIEW in the text explanation:

Screen Shot 2019-12-11 at 23.32.06

Nonetheless, when I try to search for LINKTOVIEW here, I come up empty handed:

Strange, huh?

Hi @tony,

If I may add a few thoughts here.

I have personally immensly benefitted from sample apps from time to time. I believe these are very useful in understanding an undelaying AppSheet feature or concept.

May be once in a while, say monthly, there could be a post from AppSheet team on sample apps or as and when a sizeable chunk of new ones are added. The post can always mention that the sample apps are available under Support -> App option and under “Sample Apps”.

This post could be under Tips and Tricks category. I believe these steps will give more visibility to all the excellent repository of sample apps, especially to newer members joining the community. Once an app creator knows their usefulness and where to find them, I believe she/ he will always search there to get ideas.

Also I have found that searching sample apps under the option Support --> Apps to be more useful and perhaps extensive , especially for pure feature based apps as compared to repository under Sample apps option. For example OCR and Report based apps are at least not easily searchable under option “Sample Apps”. However I easily find them under Support --> Apps option. This of course could be just my own experience or lack of understanding of using "Sample Apps"option.

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Thanks for the feedback. There are roughly two different kinds of sample apps that we have:

It sounds like both of you use the “how to” apps more often than the “full” ones. Is that the case?

I wasn’t fully aware of the difference. The link to the “full” sample apps is shown prominently at the top of the page, so that’s where I went:

Screen Shot 2019-12-12 at 09.59.46

I now see that the “how to” section has the kind of search function I was looking for. I searched for apps with the LINKTOVIEW() expression (which I wrote yesterday that I couldn’t find on the normal sample apps part of the site) and found many useful integrations.

So, it seems to me that both are useful but perhaps there are quite a few people like me who aren’t fully aware of the distinction. Perhaps the search function could be improved or modified so that people who start out looking at the “full” sample apps can also find the sample apps that are in the support section.


Hi @tony,

Thanks for your clarification.

Yes, majority of the times I use “How to” sample apps. I find that “how to” section has an added advantage of listing both articles and apps together on a search.

I am of course aware by the very nature of apps in "Sample Apps " section that these are ,are more industry oriented "full"apps. However I was unaware of intetnded split of apps in two paths based on category.

Also, as per my understanding, I have found that all “full” apps are also vailable at “how to” section but probably not vice versa. For example, I could not locate “Icon Main Menu” or “Reference Actions” “how to” apps in “Sample Apps” section.

As I mentioned, I request you to consider popularizing “how to” section path also. An app creator is more likely to browse “Sample App” section because it is prominently there. Once she finds that a “full” sample app matching her requirement is there, she will also often need "how to " section to build the app further.

Thank you.


I have used them to problem solve certain features I have previously had issues with. They are definitely a very useful part of Appsheet.


I sometimes browse around the sample apps to look at interesting apps.