Field as enum but saving only the left 5 characters of the selected value

Hi all,

I have an enum field with values to select:

  • 12345 abc
  • 12346 defghi
  • 33333 uvw xyz

If one of these values is selected only the left 5 characters should be stored in the field.

Is that possible and how?

Thanks, Joachim

Hello @Joachim_Mund, you’re gonna need an auxiliary column for storing the extracted string, the app formula for that column would use LEFT([enum],5) , and you could have it hidden.

OR you could create an action on form save that overwrites that column value with the same expression i mentioned, or even bring in the bots, but I think using an auxiliary column would be much more simple.

To sum it up:

A) Make an auxiliary column, it costs 1 physical column (for the performance devils)
B) Use an action, it costs an extra sync per row added
C) Use a bot, it won’t update inmediately, may take up to 1 or 2 syncs.


Thank you @Rafael_ANEIC-PY this works.