Field doesn't show in table after linking this field to an action


I am building an app that tracks the gross profits generated from trade operations. I built an action which, for each item, links the “total expected costs” field to a page detailing the different costs. I used the formula “LINKTOROW([_THISROW],“Costs_details”)” and attached it to the column “total expected costs”. The action works well but once created, the field “total expected costs” disappeared from the tables containing it.
See below :

Can you please help me understand why this field is not showing in the tables ?


This is basically how Appsheet behaive when you put the custom inline action to the field.
Ii appears to me bit buggy behavior, as the custom inline action and system generated inline action is working differently on the table view. System generated inline action , such as ref action jumping to the referenced row, it wont appear on the table view. However, once you generate the custom inline view, and it will appears on the table view while the field text valie is hidden instead.

There is not easy workaround to toggle inline action/text on table view, but there is a workaround, which may take a bit of time to set up.

See this post.


Thanks a lot Tsuji
I agree - it also appears to me as a buggy behavior