Field Lookup List to a Slice based on User Input

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I have two slices for jobs either in CA or NonCA (both exist in one sheet with Location displaying the CA or NonCA values for each record)…When the user selects CA or NonCA in a field, I would like the next field to show the appropriate slice…hopefully that makes sense and any help is appreciated. TIA!

Could you just use the group ability in the view to do that instead of a new slice?

Okay, maybe I didn’t explain it correctly, whether it is a slice or a group, I just don’t know the syntax to tell my Job Code field to show the proper list based on the Locality field where a user picks CA or NonCA…maybe I phrased my question wrong. I thought that the 2 separate slicers would make it easier. Also, maybe I don’t understand the group ability enough yet. So I would group my view by Location and then how would I tell the Job Code field to look at just CA if the user picked CA in the Locality field. Thanks so much.

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If CA and NonCA are the same column then you would just group by that column description. I’m guessing it’s location. If you only group by that when you build your view it will show two distinct groups, if you add another column, maybe Difficulty, then it should prompt user to select each time.

I use grouping for an app for my managers. They select AM or PM, School District, and that works fine for them. It was easier then building slices, or a function to go to one or the other. Someone probably has a better idea how to do this, but using grouping you don’t have to build slices for this specific task.

Okay, let me try to explain this better: When promoting an employee, we need to be able to select their new job code and pay grade (and eventually Step and the 3 levels of pay) based on whether they are a CA or NONCA employee which is determined at the time the user builds the record. So, the first thing is the user doing the data entry, selects CA or NONCA, the next field is Job Code. I want that [Job Code] to be a lookup (drop down list) to just the UNIQUE CA Job Codes, then I can build on the rest. I just don’t know the syntax for the Job Code field. Thanks and I hope I explained it better. image

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You wouldn’t use a slice for this–that’s way overkill! :slight_smile:

You might be able to simply rely on the dependent dropdown feature:

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Steve is probably right.

I got bored so I put this super simple app together thinking that’s what you wanted from the data you provided.


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I looked through this hoping for an answer and @School_Bus your sample app was EXACTLY what I needed. I have been searching for days and the solution was so simple. Thank you @pmatelli for asking the question (hope this helped you too) and thank you @Steve for also commenting. I am sooooooo happy.


Glad it helped you!