Field not shown in input forms

In my app, there is a master ‘sales’ table in which credit sales are recorded against separate invoice numbers. In the ‘Collection’ table and ‘Sales Return Table’, most of the columns of ‘sales’ table are present such as invoice number, customer name and sales person. These values are input in ‘Collection’ table and ‘Sales Return’ table as a result of spreadsheet formula applied in both tables so as to avoid double entry. In the Input form auto created by appsheet for ‘Collection’ and ‘Sales Return’ tables; inovice number, customer name and sales person cannot be seen so as to input payment collection details or goods returned details.

Moreover, I want that the invoice number can be selected as dropdown item and other details are suggested for customer name and sales person automatically for both forms. Is there also a way that only those invoices that are outstanding are shown and data cannot be input for which payment has already been received or goods returned or discount given.

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Thank you! Seems very complex. I will try

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Dear Steve

I am unable to go any further. Can you please see my app

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