Field of type yes no in a quick edit table

hi everyone , please i need help with the following.
I need the field of type yes no, which I show in the image,
by default it should take the value if. help me find my mistake. I am viewing it in a quick edit table

Thank you very much for your help

Hello. I’m not sure what is your question. Are you asking if why are you encountering “This entry is required?” in the quick edit in detail view?

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hello June.
my question is, because it takes the value NOT by default, if I have indicated that it should take the true value.


The “Initial Value” is used only in adding new rows.


Ok, thank you very much for the information.
June, can you tell me if it is possible that the default value of this field is yes?

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brilliant Steve. At all times contributing so that we ALL have knowledge !!


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