Field value in form view is different than the same field in email template

This is interesting. I have a client generating a quote in a form and gets a different value for a field when he prints it out on the email template for the exact same field.

Does use of the email template round the value or something? (see Total Mileage field)


Total shipping is also different.

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Yes, total shipping is a calculation based on mileage.

I certainly wouldn’t think so.

May I ask what are the column types and how those numbers are calculated? I mean expression-wise

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Here are the two calculations for column types decimal:

DISTANCE(LOOKUP([Starting Point],“US Zip Codes”,“Zip”,“Geopoint”),LOOKUP([Destination],“US Zip Codes”,“Zip”,“Geopoint”))

IF(OR(ISBLANK(LOOKUP([Starting Point],“US Zip Codes”,“Zip”,“City State”)),ISBLANK(LOOKUP([Destination],“US Zip Codes”,“Zip”,“City State”))),

Firstly, you don’t need 2 virtual columns to calculate this. Secondly, DISTANCE(…) expression returns the value as a Number/Integer, not a Decimal. Therefore, you can omit the [vir_distance] column and go on with [vir_mileage] column alone with this:

		ISBLANK(LOOKUP([Starting Point],“US Zip Codes”,“Zip”,“City State”)),
		ISBLANK(LOOKUP([Destination],“US Zip Codes”,“Zip”,“City State”))
		LOOKUP([Starting Point],“US Zip Codes”,“Zip”,“Geopoint”),
		LOOKUP([Destination],“US Zip Codes”,“Zip”,“Geopoint”)
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