File Column open action loads old (Cached?)version of file

I built a workflow to create a PDF in a set directory with a set name .

Ex. /Sessions/Jimmy/2020-07-01_Jimmy.pdf

I have a behavior that causes this workflow to create the PDF and set the value of a type “File column” to be the path to that pdf.

It works the file is create, I can click the file in the Details view and it opens a new tab in the browser and displays the pdf.

However. If I make changes to the record and trigger the workflow again a new pdf is created with the same name.

If I open the PDF from Goggle Docs, I see the new data.

But if I click the link for the “File” Column from my app it opens a pdf in a new tab , but it is the old PDF with the old data.

I searched my Google Docs for another copy…Nothing.

I deleted old versions of the file in Google Docs.

Open from Google Docs = Good current data
Open from File in details view = Old version of the PDF.

I Gather this is caching from somewhere but I cannot figure out where.

I appreciate any assistance you can provide.



Give every version of the report a different name; otherwise, you’ll get the first cached version of the file until the cache expires.

Thanks Steve,

I figured that is what I would have to end up doing. I was just hoping there was an alternative quick way to flush the cache.

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