File download only post authentication

I am using AppSheet with OneDrive as storage.

App path on OneDrive:

I have a column of type “file” and using form a PDF & a word file can be uploaded to the path “/MyApp/Repoprt/uploaded_file.pdf”

Post uploading & saving, the detailed view of the record allows the file to be downloaded via the file icon shown in AppSheet.

The problem is the URL is unprotected, that is if I copy the download URL of both PDF / Word file from the browser it can be used by anyone, in any machine and at any time without any restriction.

My question is can it be secured so that files can only be downloaded only if there is an active session of AppSheet in the browser or else it should ask for user to sign-in and authenticate before the download.

I believe this is what you are looking for:


Hi @LeventK

Thanks for the quick response.
My Require Image and File URL Signing option is already ON.
Now, I have turned ON the Secure PDF access too.

It might take some time to get the cached file to be cleared. Will report back whether it did the trick.

The name of the feature is Secure PDF access, so, will it do the trick the word and other file types of it is specific to PDF files only? If not, how do I secure other file types.

Image and File URL signing should do the trick for the files other than PDF


Hi @LeventK

Below screenshot shows the current settings I have set to and post 24 hours:
PDF is secure as expected unable to download it without signing in.
Word file (docx) & Excel file (xlsx) is still unsecure, and I am able to download using the URL without signing in.

Anything I am missing that needs to be done?

Possibly @Steve will have a better idea and info for this as opposed to me.

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Unfortunately, this is outside my experience. What @LeventK has suggested is in-line with or beyond what I might have offered. My suggestion would be to engage

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